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Three Things You Need To Know About Your Pores

Curious about your pores? If you’re looking to improve your skin’s health, your pores are a great place to start!

Let’s look at three things that you absolutely need to know about your pores.

  1. Keep Your Skin Clean & Your Pores Healthy

Do you have a regular skin care regimen? Consistent cleansing and upkeep of your skin helps your pores stay healthy.

Start with regular washing. Warm soap and water cleanses your pores from the extra oils that build up during the day. Wash in the morning, at the end of the evening and after working out.

Exfoliate two or three times a week. This removes dead skin from your face. Exfoliating regularly can prevent blackheads and whiteheads from popping up.

As frustrating as they may seem sometimes, your pores actually help your skin. Pores provide naturally occurring oils from the sebaceous gland. This is how your body lubricates and moisturizes its skin.

Avoid over washing the skin. No matter how hard you scrub, your pores will never completely disappear, so don’t be harsh!

  1. Know Your Skin Type – Treat Your Pores Right

Everybody has a different type of skin. According to WebMD, there are five common skin types:

– Normal – little or no imperfections with a balanced complexion.

– Dry – dry complexion, with visible character lines or red patches.

– Oily – shiny-looking skin with enlarged pores that’s more prone to blackheads.

– Sensitive – easily reddened skin that may be prone to acne.

– Combination – An often inconsistent amalgamation of one or more skin types.

How best to treat your pores depends on your skin type.

A licensed esthetician can help you figure out your unique skin type. These beauty care professionals can rejuvenate your skin’s health. They offer quality skin care products, facials and other services that help bring our your beauty.

  1. Protection Is Best for Pores

Prevent skin damage before it happens:

– Wear sunscreen, even during everyday activities. This can guard your skin from overexposure and aging.

– Select your makeup and skincare products with caution. Use non comedogenic makeup that won’t clog up your pores with oily chemicals.

– Check the ingredients in your skin care products for ingredients that are better or worse for your skin type.


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