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Skin Care Products for Winter

Winter weather can be brutal for the skin. With whipping winds, dry air, and plunging temperatures, winter challenges even the best thought-out skin care routine. Chapped and dry skin are particular issues that you may cope with during this season, and you should consider swapping your regular routine for one that particularly nourishes and protects your face.

Hydrate and Protect

Drastic differences between the frigid outdoors and well-heated offices or homes wreak havoc on your delicate facial skin, so you need to proactively combat the elements. Find facial creams that protect you from the elements by nourishing with shea, beeswax and other healthy natural elements that give your skin the hydration it needs. Using the right combination of facial wash, toners, and moisturizers will protect against cracked and chapped skin. This will leave you feeling fresher and much more comfortable in your own skin as the temperatures plummet.

Get Your Glow On

The effects of cold weather on your skin can make your skin appear dull and dusky, rather than bright and lively. In combination with the shortened days and less-than-favorable conditions for outdoor activities, your natural glow is diminished by lessened exposure to sunshine. Use bronzers and tinted moisturizer to give your skin a healthy look, and don’t neglect to use skin products with sun protection. Even though the rays may not give you an active tan, they can still cause negative effects from extended exposure.

Mind Your Hands

Your hands receive the brunt of winter’s drying attacks so they need need special attention during your beauty routines. Use thicker hand creams that are formulated to protect against winter exposure and cover your hands with gloves at night, if your dry skin becomes severe.

Also take care to avoid using an excessive amount of alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is notorious for causing dry skin. Instead, wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap to avoid the germy dangers of cold and flu season, and apply a liberal amount of hand cream after each wash to moisturize and protect.

Taking some extra time to protect your skin from the winter elements will keep you feeling healthy and clear all winter long. Whether you’re rocking the slopes or navigating the concrete jungle, proper protection and moisturization is a must.

Also, feel free to ask your skin care professional about any personal recommendations for your skin and lifestyle.

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