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How Your Eyebrows Can Shape Your Appearance

eyebrows petaluma, caEyebrows are incredibly important. You may not often think about them. But think of this: it takes people less than one second to form an impression of you when they meet you. Do you want the only thing they remember of you to be your unibrow? Or even that you had no eyebrows at all? Eyebrows are great for accenting and highlighting and can bring the attention front and center to your eyes. Even if you eschew other face cosmetics for the day, nicely defined eyebrows can really make up the difference.

There are many different options for your eyebrow care such as: threading, tweezing, and even waxing. Threading comes from Asia, and involves multiple strands of cotton thread twisted and pulled over your eyebrow line. Threading in this manner is used to remove short lines of hair all at once. Threading is becoming increasingly popular in western countries, but it does not have the same widespread renown as waxing. Tweezing, of course, you can typically only remove one or two hairs at a time. And waxing uses a warm wax and strips to pull out the hair all the way down to the roots. Your technician will always consult you before just applying the wax, of course, so don’t worry! She isn’t just going to apply wax and start stripping everything away.

Waxing is a great, relatively low-cost option for shaping your eyebrows. You can even get a variety of shapes done for your eyebrows. Your technician will always talk through exactly what you are looking for when you go in to get your waxing done. Waxing is a good option because it lasts for several weeks at a time, meaning less maintenance work for you. Initially, waxing may seem a little expensive (around $15-$20 per treatment); but if you have extra thick eyebrows that require a great deal of maintenance, it is well worth it. Waxing is a super quick process and only requires that you to go in once or twice a month, depending on your hair growth.

Eyebrows can define and shape your face, and even define you as a person, as well as how you are remembered. Think of the great painter Frida Kahlo: she was exceptionally famous for her super thick unibrow. Most people, typically anyone who isn’t Frida Kahlo, want to have unobtrusive eyebrows. Your eyebrows should play a supportive role to the rest of your face. They are there to provide structure and a leading line to direct others where to look on your face, usually the eyes are the focal point. Eyebrows should blend in with the rest of your features but help your eyes to stand out. If you have high maintenance brows, consider getting a wax.

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